About Journal


Chemistry is regarded as a branch of science that studies the composition and properties of matter and the changes it undergoes. Chemistry is a collection of facts and a body of knowledge on the study of chemical reactions.

Annals of Advances in Chemistry is a high-impact journal publishing studiously peer-reviewed manuscripts in the incredibly fascinating field of chemistry.

Annals of Advances in Chemistry seeks to publish unique and updates research articles, reviews and opinions from intellectual leaders to facilitate translation of scientific innovations into a basis for globally robust and reliable chemistry-based knowledge management.

Reasons for Publishing

Chemistry is a proven key-enabling science for meeting the challenges of transition towards a sustainable society, in finding a solution for the energy issue and in providing sustainable ways for the transformation of recyclable raw materials into products.

Hence, Annals of Advances in Chemistry initiated publishing manuscripts to regard chemistry as the central science with applications in qualitative and quantitative aspects of the biological, forensic, environmental, clinical, and other fundamental and applied sciences.

The manuscripts published in this journal provide knowledge and insights of the nature of chemicals and chemical processes providing new solutions to problems in health, materials and energy usage.

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