Aims and Scope

Aim of the Journal

The foremost aim of Annals of Advances in Chemistry is to publish and promote researches to demonstrate the role and significance of versatile field of chemistry in countering the challenges associated with energy production, materials development, biochemistry and environmental protection.

Annals of Advances in Chemistry strives to publish new developments in life-sustaining pharmaceuticals and on-going researches in chemical analysis and technology.

The manuscripts published in Annals of Advances in Chemistry seek to highlight the positive role of chemistry as creator and enabler in mimicking biological processes by simpler chemical reactions.

Scope of the Journal

The scope of Annals of Advances in Chemistry extends in publishing wide range of topics associated with vivid field of Chemistry. Annals of Advances in Chemistry urges the researchers, chemists, healthcare professionals and other professionals associated with chemistry to create manuscripts focusing the extraordinary properties and usage of chemistry and send to us for publication in the following, but not restricted to, facets:

  • Organic chemistry
  • Applied chemistry
  • Biological chemistry
  • Biophysical chemistry
  • Computational chemistry
  • Bioorganic chemistry
  • Theortical chemistry
  • Nuclear chemistry
  • Forensic chemisty
  • Protein chemistry
  • Soil chemistry
  • Marine chemistry
  • Atmospheric chemistry
  • Carbon chemistry
  • Structural chemistry
  • Metal chemistry
  • Hydrocyclic chemistry
  • Geochemistry
  • Oxidation
  • Cross-coupling
  • Antioxidants
  • Phthalazine derivatives
  • Pyrazolophthalazines
  • Phenytoinergic drugs
  • Bioisosteric substitution
  • Optical and electronic properties
  • Charge transport property
  • Toxicity
  • Gas Chromatography-MassSpectrometry
  • liquid chromatography
  • Infrared spectroscopy
  • Ultraviolet-Visible spectroscopy
  • Analytical chemistry 
  • Bioanalytical chemistry

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